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HLA Responds Actively to the “The Belt and Road” Initiative by Launching Overseas Expansion, Adding Highlight to the Asia-Pacific Fashion Blueprint

On April 25,HLAThailand Grand Show kicked off atCentralwOrld, the first-tier CBD inBangkok Thailand.HLAlanded atThailand with itsbrands, HLA, OVV, andHLAJEANS. The great show was led by thenational treasure-class superstarAnne Thongprasom, and joined by 18Thai pop superstars, as well as fans and fashion insiders. Themed with“Hello Thailand”, theelectrifying opening video unveiled the Grand Show. Accompanied by theeffusive opening dance, the male star TOM ISSARA, champion of Thailand 1st THE MASK SINGER, presented a passionate singing performance together with the influential female starPAM GAIA. Then, fiveThaipop stars staged shows wearingHLAJEANS, OVV, and HLA serial clothes.

In the wake of three wonderful shows, Zhou Jianping, chairman ofHLA Group, Zhou Lichen, president ofHLA Group, andKhun Kenneth, senior management of CPN Business Group, went on stage together to pour golden sandsymbolizing auspiciousness and wealth into the ceremony launching pad, which marked the official opening of HLA and its brands OVV andHLAJEANS in Thailand, and HLA’s upgrading of its global layout.

Rooted in the soil of profound Chinese culture as a part of China’sfashion industry, HLA respondsactively to the national“The Belt and Road” initiative, endeavors totake nutrients from global vision, and shoulders the mission of cultural output by clothes. The national brand will continue to makeaggressive exploration, promote national fashion worldwide, achieve more fruits in the market, and exert greater cultural influence.